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In Home Medical care

In Home Medical care

Nurse Practitioner

Our nurse practitioners can independently diagnose and, treat your ailments, as well as prescribe medications. They can provide you with information on healthy living, healthy meals and safe exercises. This information is shared with our home support workers so that they can help you to achieve your health goals. When necessary, the nurse practitioner can make referrals to medical specialists and appropriate arrangements can be made with caregivers to transport you to these appointments.


Our pharmacy team will answer your questions on prescription medications and deliver medication and supplies right to your doorstep.

Nurse/Health Care Aide

Our team of nurses and HCAs will help with wound dressing, post-hospitalization care, and medication administration and reminders.

Mental Health Therapist/Psych Nurse

Our mental health therapist or psych nurse provides counseling on mental health disorders and, addictions and provides our clients with education and effective tools to better manage stressful life situations.

Rehab Assistance

Our rehab assistance team will help with mobility, transfers and lifting. They will help you regain muscle strength so you can become more independent around your home.

Foot Care Nurse

Our foot care nurses are experienced and knowledgeable about the structure and function of the foot, keeping in mind how diseases such as diabetes and poor circulation can affect the overall health of the feet. They provide nail cutting, callus treatment and offer vital information and support to help you keep your feet healthy.
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Mara Staffing

Medical and non-medical Staffing

Are you operating a retirement home, medical facility or support agency? We can provide you with the staff you require for your services such as home support, companionship and nurse practitioners.
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