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First Nations Travel Nursing Opportunities

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First Nations Travel Nursing Opportunities

In addition to providing health care professionals in the city, we also are a provider of Nursing professionals to First nations communities in Manitoba and offer nurses the opportunity to provide care and learn more about the Aboriginal population by working closely with the community and become a part of the community’s mission for the improvement of health care in these communities.

We have also partnered with a few Indigenous health care regions including Southeast, Southern and northern health regions. It is essential now more than ever to ensure nurses are available and accessible to Indigenous Peoples living in remote and isolated locations. We recognize the effects that staffing challenges at health centers and nursing stations in remote and isolated communities can have on First Nations communities. As such, we work closely with Indigenous partners, communities and leaders to pursue timely solutions to raise staffing levels and maintain the health and well-being of Indigenous Peoples. We are a company that thrives in providing exceptional services to private client and First Nations communities.

We continue to hire Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Nurse Practitioners. Are you Interested In joining out team of travel nurses or are looking to contribute your skills to assist due to the shortage of staff In these communities, look not further.

Non Expanded

Scope nurses are Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses’ who practice in urban facilities within the scope of practice laid out by their governing body, hence do not have the authority to prescribe medications without a physician or Nurse Practitioners order.

Expanded Scope

RNBN with additional education and training to independently prescribe certain classes of medication without a physician or an NP order. (Tylenol, advil, STBBI treatment etc). Additional training and certification is required and provided.

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